A Light Shining the Way

Old Point Comfort Lighthouse - Fort Monroe, VA

If you have clicked around on the website or received one of my new business cards, you may have noticed the image of a lighthouse. This is the Old Point Comfort Lighthouse on the beautiful and historic Fort Monroe National Monument. Formerly a US Army base and decommissioned in 2011, this national park is where I live currently as I begin my full-time work as Greg Thompson Media. Born in Norfolk and raised in VA Beach, I have slowly worked my way back toward the coast of Virginia ever since I left it at age 10. From then, I went to middle school and high school near Lynchburg, studied at William & Mary in Williamsburg, interned for a summer in Richmond and have worked in Hampton since 2013. The Old Point Comfort Lighthouse sits on the peninsula and shines toward the ocean, perfectly positioned between places of my past and present.

Greg Thompson Media started back in January 2013, when I took my first client doing video production for a campus organization. With that first bit of seed money, I installed Adobe Premiere on my MacBook Pro, bought my first DSLR camera and began building sites on Squarespace. I realized that these tools and my background in Marketing and Film Studies were all I needed to build brands online.

Since then, I’ve reached out to parishes, schools and conferences to create their websites and tell their stories through custom content. Mostly a part-time venture, the work I did until 2016 was project-based, “one and done” endeavors: a video here, a website there. What I observed with clients, though, was the need for a more comprehensive solution to tell their story online. Last November, I decided to take a chance and go full-time to work with new clients, and introduce my “Web Consulting + Custom Content” mission. For small businesses and non-profits that don’t typically have a marketing manager or video production crew, I offer marketing strategy from the start and together, we create a professional brand story online. It’s not “just a website” but a whole marketing solution, which I know is a new way of thinking about standing out online.

Let’s return to the lighthouse... Most afternoons at Fort Monroe, I go for a run by the seawall with the Chesapeake Bay to my right and the Old Point Comfort Lighthouse to my left. The water is a reminder of my childhood and my time on the beach with family and friends. The lighthouse, however, is this shining beacon that protects those at sea from losing their way and crashing into the land. More broadly, I see the lighthouse as a reminder to stay focused on what’s next and to not lose sight of what’s important. Sometimes we all need a little light to navigate what’s ahead. 

The lighthouse is inspiration for me as I begin my new endeavors here as Greg Thompson Media. I see beautiful websites out there online that, all too often, go unmanaged and lack relevant content or personalization. It’s easy to get lost at sea and forget who is viewing your website and what they need. If you’re thinking you need a fresh start online, I’m happy to shine a light, offer some focus and help tell your story. Just shoot me an email and let’s talk.

Here’s to a new beginning in 2017, and to all who shine their light for the rest of us to find our way.