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You Can't Always Get What You Want

Just this week, millions of us tuned into for the finale of HBO’s Big Little Lies, billed as a “limited” series, which I’m finding to be HBO code for “a mini-series that could be renewed for a second season but should be considered as a contained storyline.” This show, and the “limited series” format as a whole, is a rare find in today’s TV landscape because of this exact finite nature. What was satisfying about the finale of Big Little Lies was that it ended.

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But We Return

When it comes to listening, I find that there are a lot of distractions in my way, particularly the little badges and banners of iPhone notifications that beckon me one at a time to dive deeper and deeper out of real life and into my phone. To offset this, a few months ago I began enacting what I like to call, "Analog Sundays."

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Angelic Messengers

Lent is a season for second chances—a “New Year’s Resolution 2.0,” if you will. For all who observe the season, Lent involves giving up or sacrificing something that is “bad” in order to create more room for prayer and reflection. It’s a lot like a New Year’s Resolution: What did I do wrong last year and what would I like to do better now? It can be a response to sin and/or an answer to a call from within.

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