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Deep Listening

As I was revisiting Mark Nepo’s text, Seven Thousand Ways to Listen, this afternoon, I decided to focus on a chapter entitled, “Deep Listening.” 

This is a concept that continues to show up in my work, from interviewing someone for my podcast to editing their interview, to now writing my thesis on the importance of utilizing digital storytelling for the LGBT community. 

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Angelic Messengers

Lent is a season for second chances—a “New Year’s Resolution 2.0,” if you will. For all who observe the season, Lent involves giving up or sacrificing something that is “bad” in order to create more room for prayer and reflection. It’s a lot like a New Year’s Resolution: What did I do wrong last year and what would I like to do better now? It can be a response to sin and/or an answer to a call from within.

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