104: Luther Young and Sexuality as a Spiritual Gift


about the episode

Luther and I discuss black liberation theology and reimagining scripture, as well as the difficulties in coming out to his family, and being seen as a fully participating member of his church.

Luther grew up in South Carolina with a love of music that brought him to Nashville, to study Audio Engineering at Belmont University. While he has continued to perform, sing, and play, he is also a recent graduate of Vanderbilt Divinity School with his Masters in Divinity. Luther was raised Pentecostal, and is now part of the Disciples of Christ. He identifies as bisexual, and goes by gender pronouns he/him/his.


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  • Gender Binaries: Defining gender in a binary of male and female exclusively. (More queer terminology at the Human Rights Campaign.)

  • Biblical Exegesis: Just a fancy term for interpreting the Bible, and examining it through various scholarly lenses.

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