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Telling Your Queer Story of Faith

This is an exercise in writing and sharing your story, as well as listening deeply to others’ stories. Together, we’ll put words to how our queer identities and spirituality intersect. I start by modeling storytelling with the group, and we continue by exploring prompts surrounding identity through writing and sharing with one another.

This workshop is scalable for 10 to 30 participants.

Participant Testimonials:

“This workshop gave me more skills and tools to use in trying to communicate my experience to others.”

“This was presented so well!!! Greg was great at setting up an environment of empathy and vulnerability.”

Narrative 4 Story Exchange

Using the Narrative 4 model, this is a practice in building empathy with your neighbor through storytelling. Participants will think of a story given a set of prompts and share it with a partner one-on-one. After we return to the group, participants share their partner’s story in the first person. We follow up with time to reflect and discuss what we learned from each other at the end.

This is best suited for 8 to 12 participants over a 1.5 to 2 hour period.

Blogging for Businesses

Your story is the most authentic part of your business, and your customers may not even know it. We'll talk about the art of storytelling and how to apply it to a blog, email or simply the next conversation you have about your business. Know your story, and your customers will know a more authentic you.

How to Be Here: A Life Workshop

Using How to Be Here by Rob Bell as a guiding text, this workshop delves into creation, risk, and what we are called to contribute to the world today. Vocational in scope and practical in application, participants over 4 weeks discuss assigned readings, podcasts, and videos, and together, imagine possibilities for utilizing their unique gifts.

This is best suited for 10-20 participants for an hour per week over four weeks.